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Written by on Machi 1, 2021

Jitambueforums Organization: (JFoR)


As the word “Jitambue” (Swahili) means self-actualization, Jitambueforums Organization is a media based platform which Connects Social Problem solvers e.g. Innovators, creative persons, entrepreneurs, life skills couches, environmental problem solvers or any positive minded person that is needed by our youth to help develop self-actualization to all Tanzanian and African Societies.

We are currently based on social network platforms but looking forward to launch our online and local radio by 2023 as well as Local Television station by 2025, a stable online platform by 2024, so as to reach more youth in the country, and across the globe.

Our contents bases on educational, Inspiritional and Motivating themes

Through our Studios which are located in External Makuburikwambonde street, Ubungo District in Dar Es salaam. We give platforms for individuals or organizations who and which are problem solvers that need to be heard in/outside the boundaries of Tanzania.

Our organization has managed to work with positive change-making organization such as Tanzania Mental Health, African Children Project and Bunihub(Tanzania), TechTribeAcceleratorm(from South Africa), TUHEDA(UK) etc.. We invite more partnership so as to reach thousands of youth and change lives.

2. Our vision

Becoming the best mind-sharpening media platform for African young people within and beyond our boundaries

  1. Our Mission

We shape with examples, inspire by Role models Stories, build minds of young people through educational talks, discussions, interviews, events,seminars and conferences, documentaries, films, life skills coaching and connecting social problem solvers with the society.We engage with youth through our social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facaebook, Twitter, Linkedinetc).


  • Create self–actualization among Youths.

  • To promote entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

  • Train youth on leadership and personal development.

  • To promote social developments, Gender equality, environmental keeping as well as anti-corruption matters.

  • Tell true African stories through films, pictures, documentaries and art.

  • To promote our cultural and tourism.

  1. Organizations’ Core Values & Beliefs


We believe in respect, hospitality, honesty, fairness, responsibility and accountability in serving the community at reasonable standards.


We trust corporation and mutual understanding with key stakeholders in bringing solutions and reliefin communities.

Creativity & innovation

We credit creative and innovative minds in solving problems in the community.

Professionalism& Skills

We understand that Professionalism influences performance in providing services to the community but our aim towards targeted audience is to cultivate and equip them with enough personal skills that will lead to develop professional working habits among themselves


We do believe the information from our beneficiaries and other stakeholders are vital to be treated with high standards of confidentiality.

Transparency and Accountability

We believe in transparency in delivering services and accountability in performance of services.

  1. Our service

    • Interviews,

        • Outdoor:

We do interviews with life skills coaches, Speakers, Other Social problem Solvers and doing coverage or taking footages of educative events, seminars and conferences.

  • Studios sections:

We invite NGOs, Companies, Innovators, and individuals who are positive change makers for interviews inside the studio

  • Documentaries and films
    We shoot short films stories and create several documentaries to educate, inspire and motivate the society.
  • Events, seminars and Conferences;

We organize educative, inspirational and motivational events, seminars and conference.

  1. Our Main mediaplatforms.

  • Jitambueforums Studios which located in external Makuburikwambonde street, Ubungo District in Dar Es salaam.

  • Jitambueforums online TV (YouTube and other social networks such as Instagram,facebook, twitter LinkedIn.

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